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Advantages of a Master’s Degree for Educators

Whether you’re a current teacher or interested in a career change, you have probably heard some of the intense rumors about the education field. It seems like every day the media is discussing how student behavior is worse than ever before, teachers are underpaid, pensions are being reconsidered, teachers are done and leaving the field […]

How Georgetown College’s Graduate Education Program Beat Competitors’

Adults nowadays are looking at career switches. Years ago, it was common to see adults going into career fields, working for 30 to 40 years in the same field, and then retiring. Now, it is common to see people trying out new careers and switching fields. One of the fields people are switching into is […]

How Georgetown College Made the Admissions Process Easy

Choosing the right college is crucial in paving a pathway to a successful career in any educational field. Georgetown College master’s programs are a top college choice for a plethora of reasons, but first and foremost, the ease of the application and admission process. Diving into continuing education requires knowledge of resources available to applicants, and knowing […]

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