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A Director of Pupil Personnel will address barriers students face outside of the academic day. Directors of Pupil Personnel connect students and families to available resources to support student success.

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, candidates will be recommended for Director of Pupil Personnel certification.

EDA750 Introduction to School Leadership by Leading, Teaching and Learning (3 hours)

EDA 752 Human Resources Leadership (3 hours)

EDA 754 Administration Pupil Personnel (3 hours)

EDA 756 Principles of School Safety (3 hours)

EDA 758 Internship in Ed Leadership DPP (6 hours)

Tuition: $410/credit hour

Level 1 tuition: $4920 (12 hours)

Level 2 tuition: $2460 (6 hours)


$75 technology fee per course

$100 one-time assessment platform fee

The first phase of the program is four 7 ½ week courses. The second phase is an internship that requires a full semester of classwork and field hours. There are no in-person class meetings. Assignments and project implementation can be based on your current or desired employment.

Level I certification requires an SLLA exam. Click here for exam information.

During these one-on-one virtual meetings, we will discuss the program formats, application process, financial aid, payment plans, and any specific questions that you may have.
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