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How I Paid for My Graduate Degree at Georgetown College


Those of us in education are no strangers to tight budgets and meticulously plan where our paychecks are distributed twice a month. At the same time, the lure of a higher rank and pay raise that comes with it require us to reconcile our funds with the opportunity for growth. Between grants, public service forgiveness, and financial aid in the form of loans, the possibility of obtaining a master’s degree is both financially attainable and worth the investment. Personally, I am utilizing a combination of forgiveness, TEACH grants, and federal loans to finance my master’s degree and additional endorsement.

As an undergraduate, I took advantage of the TEACH Grant offered through the federal government and was ecstatic to find there is also an option for graduate students. If you are planning on staying in the classroom the next few years, this option could satisfy most of your bill. The remainder of your tuition can be paid with financial aid loans or in monthly installments to Georgetown College.

Alternatively, if you are in a position where you are able to make a monthly payment, Georgetown offers monthly installment plans that allows you to pay while you are enrolled in courses. Instead of paying one lump sum at the start of the semester, you can make 12, 10, or nine monthly payments. This option can be used in conjunction with federal loans, which allows you to tailor the payments to your financial situation and goals.

You do not have to go into debt to further your education! As public servants, educators, and students, we have options that give us flexibility when paying the bill, whether now or after graduation. Georgetown College gives you the opportunity to further your education in an affordable and financially flexible way.

During these one-on-one virtual meetings, we will discuss the program formats, application process, financial aid, payment plans, and any specific questions that you may have.
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