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All Grades P-12


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Click on the course catalog link for a list of courses in your program.

  • Learning / Behavior Disorders
  • Moderate / Severe Disabilities
  • Master of Arts with Initial Certification (Content areas) [new 33-hour program starting Fall 2023 course link available soon]
  • Master of Arts with Initial Certification (Elementary Education) [new 30-hour program starting Fall 2023 course link available soon]

Tuition:  $410 credit hour (2022-23) 

LBD / MSD: $17,220 – $17,630 (42-43 hours)

MA Initial Certification (content areas): $13,530 (33 hours)

MA Initial Certification (Elementary): $12,300 (30 hours)


$75 technology fee per course

$100 one-time assessment platform fee

$250 fee per field placement course

The initial certification program is a 30-43 credit hour program, depending on the certification you are seeking. There are no in-person required class meetings. Assignments and project implementation can be based on your current or desired employment.

Certification in these areas requires passing PRAXIS II scores. Confirmation of taking the PRAXIS II in the content area(s) are required for admission in all content areas except Elementary, LBD, and MSD. Click here for exam information.

During these one-on-one virtual meetings, we will discuss the program formats, application process, financial aid, payment plans, and any specific questions that you may have.
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